Mate Valtr About

Howdy, Monocle!

I found your opening for a freelance film-maker and so I thought I’ll drop you a line!

Tightly condensed Bio.

My name is Matej and I’m a videomaker, photographer and all around creative with 10+ years of experience in the industry. And I’m obsessed about growth, learning, environmentalism and occasional blogging.

Originally I hail from Czech Republic, but for the past 7 years I’ve been living in South East Asia – predominantly Malaysia. What brought me there in 2013 in the first place was a full-time job of video creator & editor for Mindvalley, a leading online publishing company in a personal development space.

3,5 years later I decided to try life outside of the office cubicle (which, in case of Mindvalley, is one of the most globally celebrated for it’s progressive design and work culture).

I packed my camera bag, drone and gained knowledge of digital marketing and embarked on a journey of – what they call – “a digital nomad.”.

But enough about me.

What I’m bringing to the Monocle’s table – in 3 points:

1) Resourcefulness & Independence

Living abroad for over 7 years, being exposed to different cultures and more often than not travelling solo developed in me a high degree of independence.

How does it relate to Monocle? 

Let’s say you need to send me to Taiwan to make a story about local artisan. Not only you can be at peace of mind that I’ll find my way around – airfare, travel, accommodation, language barriers – without hiccups or leading me by the hand. I also know how to make things happen on a limited budget or tiny crew – just like I did in case of my winning Cornetto Ad, that I both wrote, shot and directed myself in course of only two days. On a budget of 25EUR.

Oh, and I composed the music too.

Give me a mission, I’m on it to execute. 


2) Discipline & Self-Organization

Working remotely with multiple clients around the globe in my own time taught me the importance of discipline and time management.

There’s no one standing above my desk checking on me, yet still I’m hitting all deadlines in a timely fashion.

How does it relate to Monocle?

I know I do my work well if my inbox is not clustered with clients’ emails asking for various changes.

It’s by design. Because less endless email threads, more work done, more happy people.

That’s why I strive to make my work beyond just done. That saves time to project managers who can focus on putting out fires where it’s really needed.


3) Versatile skills & Experience  

My curiosity by nature urges me to try and learn various things. The result? I’m a video editor with a motion design skills by trade. I directed and shot multiple commercials and music videos. I fly drones as my favorite pastime activity. And I’m more than a decent photographer. I’m passionate about telling stories, and I love asking people questions.

How does it relate to Monocle?

Well, a lot – you get a full packaged one-man production studio 😀

What drives me?

I’ve been lucky enough to build some good relationships with multiple clients over the last few years for whom I’ve been editing videos completely remotely. A dream to many! 

It’s well enough to make a comfortable living.



For a creative person and a maker, there’s one thing more important than a comfort – to tell stories. 

I realized that 6 months ago when I helped a bunch of friends in Madeira to help them promote their environmental NGO with a simple beach clean up video.

The result was stunning – the amount of participants for the next beach clean up doubled as a direct result of the video I made (which meanwhile became sort of viral in Madeira) and the private Facebook group ballooned to 400 members practically overnight!

And we’re talking about a video that I shot before lunch and edited before dinner (hey there, resourcefulness).

That’s where I realized that telling stories – no matter how big or small – is what really drives me. 

And I know Monocle has a plenty of amazing stories to tell!

Why I choose Monocle?

I think Monocle’s content is hip and visual aesthetic is an industry benchmark. So is its content. 

And as someone who constantly pursuits growth and self-improvement, I’d be more than excited to take on this challenge to see if I’m up to par with high Monocle standards.

Combine it with my passion for telling stories and there goes the answer for WHY I choose Monocle!


I’m currently based in Asia (Kuala Lumpur), with plans making a move towards Europe in a few months. But I’m not really fixated on a single location and I’m master of my time. 

If you think we are a match, I’d be excited to have a chat!

– With love, Mate

in Kuala Lumpur, 16th March 2020

Contact: | WhatsApp +60186681784